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Click on any item on side bar and go directly to that page® has a customer base of over ninety entities, both public-and private, and has worked both as a general contractor and as a Subcontractor.  WEDOTANKS IS REGISTERED BY SAM, The System for Awards Management, and as such can bid on any federal contract within wedotanks’ Scope of Business Expertise.® can take a turn-key approach and make it as comprehensive as the client would like: We can operate as your total WWTP project management solution, or we can work with your wastewater treatment plant consultants and engineers as an integral part of your technical and planning team. We have precast concrete tanks and wastewater treatment plants design and build installations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey,  New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Kansas.


Our Mission®‘s Mission is to provide precast concrete tanks, WWTP design services and solutions that insure that® clients processes operate at their greatest efficiency and in the most cost-effective way possible.


Our Good News!!!!


We have obtained or are in process professional engineering licenses to practice in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.

Currently  we are emphasizing our international expertise:  see the “Build Your Own Wastewater Treatment Plant” if you are outside of the United States and see how this can work for you.

We are very excited to welcome our new sales representative Henry P. Thompson Co., who is representing us in the States of Indiana, Ohio,  and Kentucky.

Free Perpetual TOD™ (f/k/a Sasspro™) design compliance software with each proposal request for a new or expanded WWTP from December 18th to January 31st.


Private Equity Financing


Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

WEDOTANKS.COM, LLC, NOW OFFERS 100% FINANCING FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR PROJECTS IN THE US AND CANADA.  Approval is based on your credit worthiness, our business partner provides the approval and funds quickly if qualified. Contact us; we would love to hear from you.  We are SAM registered; NCEES registered, and carry professional liability insurance to make you safe no matter which wedotanks product or service you are interested in).

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